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What Is an Auxiliary Dwelling?

April 28th, 2017

An auxiliary dwelling is an old, simple idea; having a second dwelling built on the same grounds as your own home, or even as an extension of the property itself. For example, this could be a flat built over your garage, or a separate granny flat in your back yard.

The Purpose of Auxiliary Dwellings:

Traditionally, auxiliary dwellings were designed to house an elderly relative, such as a parent or grandparent, so that they can be close to you and you can support them with their daily life without them having to give up their independence completely.

Today, many homeowners still use auxiliary dwellings for that very purpose, however, you’re not limited to housing only a granny in a ‘granny flat’! They can be used for a home office space, renting out to lodgers or tourists, or even to expand your home and make room for an addition to your family.

Types of Auxiliary Dwelling:

If you’re considering building an auxiliary dwelling at home, then you’ll need to know what’s on offer. First off, you will need to choose between a custom-built, or a ‘ready-to-build’ style granny flat kit.

In general, custom builds are much better value; you may be required to pay more for this option but it will certainly pay off in the long run. A custom design can be designed to fit your specific needs, your space and your requirements. What’s more, the design will fit with the aesthetic of your existing home (adding value), rather looking like an afterthought.

With a pre-fabricated donga-style design, you can only customise them so far, and any site specific needs are usually not taken into account.

Investment Opportunity:

Even if you don’t think that you’d have any use for an auxiliary dwelling personally, it’s worth considering making the investment. With the population of Logan City and surrounding suburbs steadily on the rise and house price rates speeding up to match it, there’s a lot of demand for affordable living spaces right now.

Whether you rent to a student, a friend, a stranger or a company, you don’t ever have to set foot inside your auxiliary dwelling to be able to make an income from it.

Legal Stuff:

When you build an auxiliary dwelling at your home, it’s good to be clued up on all the legal lingo surrounding them.

If you’re hoping to build a granny flat to sell it on, be careful – in most cases, the auxiliary dwelling will be classed as a part of your main property, and therefore you’ll need to sell both. But, don’t let that put you off – even if you’re not ready to sell right now, by renting the space, it will add cashflow to your pocket right now, and extra value to your property once you do.

If you’re considering adding an auxiliary dwelling to your property, don’t settle for a prefabricated donga. A custom-built granny flat can be designed and built to enhance the aesthetic of your existing dwelling, adding space, privacy and visual appeal to your home. For more information, contact Craig now on 07 3808 6149, or visit https://aaronbuilding.com.au/auxiliary-dwellings/ for more information.


Based in Springwood, and servicing Logan and surrounding suburbs, Aaron Building is a family-owned boutique building company that specialises in high quality building work including new builds, home renovations, and extensions. Our full turnkey approach to auxiliary dwelling, granny flats and duplex builds takes the stress out of building with full management from design to completion. For more information, please call 07 3808 6149.


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