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What every homeowner needs to know about Building Quotations

August 10th, 2015 What every homeowner needs to know about Building Quotations.

If you’re considering extending or refurbishing your home, then it’s undoubtedly one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make – financially and personally. As with the first impressions we make in our business and personal lives, there won’t be a second chance with your property – and so, selecting the right builder is a critical part of creating the home of your dreams.

Choosing a builder based on price alone can be a false economy

The thing is, when you’re reviewing quotes from various building companies, it’s not always a simple ‘apples versus apples’ decision. Often, house owners are tempted to choose based upon price alone, without digging into the details. To some extent this is understandable, as building quotes can contain complex technical jargon, and it’s human nature to want a bargain, right? Unfortunately, choosing a builder based on price alone can be a false economy, and actually end up being more expensive.

An accurate quotation is an essential cornerstone of every successful building project 

You see, very often the quotes homeowners receive contain hidden clauses or notable omissions. This means, you need to be considering, comparing and contrasting the details, to ensure you understand what each quote does (and does not) include. In contrast, we believe an accurate quotation is an essential cornerstone of every successful building project. We take pride in this process, using 25+ years’ experience to accurately quote for extensions and refurbishments with pin-point precision.

The final price you pay will almost always be within 10% of the price we quoted

The depth and quality of our quotations, means our figures are more comprehensive and almost always in the region of ‘90% inclusive, 90% accurate’. This means, the final price you pay will almost always be within 10% of the price we quoted. In contrast, most other builders average around the ‘70% inclusive, 70% accurate’ mark, meaning their final prices are often 30% higher than their original quotation. From a homeowner perspective, this means a cheaper quote does not always result in a cheaper price.

To illustrate this important concept, let’s consider this example of 2 quotations:

  • For the same piece of work, Boris Building quotes AU$150k and Aaron Building quotes AU$170k, giving the impression that Boris Building is the cheaper option. In practical terms, though, Aaron Building’s quote is complete, reflecting more detail, more supervision, superior craftsmanship, better materials, 25 years’ experience, etc. In contrast, Boris Building’s quote has omissions, reflecting less detail, semi-skilled labour, cheaper materials, less supervision, limited experience, etc.
  • As a result, Boris Building’s final price might be closer to AU$195k ($150 + 30%), whereas Aaron Building’s price might be closer to AU$177k ($170k + $10%). In this scenario, even with our higher initial quote, Aaron Building’s final prices could actually be AU$18k – AU$25k cheaper! Plus, we also ensure there are no ongoing problems, liabilities or unfinished items, meaning our projects are seamless and hassle-free for homeowners.

Our quotations are more accurate because they are comprehensive

In a nutshell, our quotations are more accurate because they are comprehensive; they include more detail, work, supervision and tasks. We understand how to approach each project and how to deliver the work, and this translates into more detailed quotes. Of course, we also offer first-class workmanship, professional qualifications, high-quality materials and decades of experience, too! From the moment we prepare your quote, we provide quality, accuracy and reliability. The attention to detail we deliver on our building work, begins with the depth and quality of the initial quotation process, and we will always quote for any additional work that our clients ask us to do to ensure that they are never in the dark where extra costs are concerned.

In effect, working with Aaron Building gives you complete Peace of Mind, from start to finish.

Our prices might not be the cheapest; then again, extensions and refurbishments aren’t about cutting-corners. Instead, our goal at Aaron Building is to be the absolute best value for money; delivering the highest levels of craftsmanship at the most affordable prices. In 25+ years of trading, we’re proud to have an unblemished record of zero claims and zero dissatisfied customers. So, if you’re considering investing in an extension, refurbishment or a new build, why not ask us to prepare an in-depth quote, today? It might not be the cheapest, but it will be the best value for money; guaranteed!

If you’d like to discuss your building requirements, please contact Craig from Aaron Building today via the form on our website. Visit www.AaronBuilding.com.au

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