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Timber Frames vs Steel Frame homes

February 10th, 2015 Post War Home in Sherwood two story extension timber frame

Aaron Building are specialists in new home construction and house extensions in Brisbane. Based in Springwood, our experienced tradespeople are certified / qualified, and renowned experts in timber / wood-related building techniques.

Here are 10 reasons we recommend using timber wall frames, rather than steel frames:

1. First and foremost, a timber frame is more durable and resilient than steel. If a steel frame is exposed to adverse conditions such as moisture, it will corrode and weaken.

2. From a safety perspective, a timber frame can be up to 2.5 times more resilient to fire, than a steel frame. This could mean the difference of getting out of a burning building.

3. In most cases, timber is a more cost effective option than steel, being up to 20% cheaper.

4. The production of steel uses up to 20% more energy and creates a larger carbon footprint, making timber a much greener alternative.

5. For protection of the buildings structure from termite attack, the same barriers are required for steel and timber buildings: so there is no disadvantage to using natural materials.

6. From a quality of life perspective, timber frames are more accommodating of temperature changes. In contrast, steel framed houses can be noisy, ‘creaking and groaning’ during temperature changes.

7. From an engineering perspective timber is considered a ‘flexible’ structure by nature, whereas steel frames are considered rigid. In extreme weather conditions, it can be advantageous for a building’s frame to have such flexibility.

8. A timber frame has much better and more secure ‘fixings’ at connections and load points like around windows and doors. This means the buildings structure is stronger overall.

9. For the environmentally conscious timber provides a massive carbon soak as 1.8 cubic metres of carbon is absorbed for every 1.0 cubic metre of timber.  When the house walls are lined the carbon is locked away.

10. For practical reasons timber frames can be built on site whereas the construction of steel frames are manufactured off site.

Our recommendation is always use timber house frames in residential construction. The versatility and flexibility of timber and its natural qualities offer many advantages described briefly above.

Aaron Building use the tried and true, cost-effective method of ‘stick frame’ construction where the walls are marked and cut on site to suit the floor. If you would like to discuss this further do not hesitate to talk to me about this aspect of construction.

If you’d like to discuss your building requirements, please contact Craig from Aaron Building today via the form on our website. Visit www.AaronBuilding.com.au


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