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I want to improve my home, where should I begin?

A good starting point is to consider the type of lifestyle changes you’re seeking to implement. For example, you could increase your living space, by adding a new living room and covered deck to your existing dining and kitchen area to convert a standard home to ‘open plan’ living; OR add another bedroom and bathroom; OR a granny flat in keeping with the style and appearance of your home.

What are the advantages of improving an existing property?

In a nutshell, extending your current residence can be more cost-effective than purchasing a larger property. It’s worth keeping in mind that extending your current residence will increase its value and market appeal, as well as improve your enjoyment and quality of life.

Is it important to budget before commencing work?

Yes. A budget helps ensure your design can be delivered within your price bracket.

I’m considering building a new home, where should I begin?

The two main ingredients to start here is

1. Your budget and

2. Finding vacant land where you would like to live.

Claim ownership of the design by paying a designer to draw up your own personalised home design with the emphasis on your Northerly aspect. This is the single most important design factor regardless of which side of the house faces the street. You are welcome to email me with your questions, or call me direct for a no obligation free chat.

Can I do all of this building, renovating, extending, etc., myself: what are the issues?

As it stands, certain types / scales of activities require a licenced builder to complete the work. This includes: new construction work; projects valued over $3,300 including GST; any work that involves altering the original house structure; and, the conversion of non-habitable spaces like garages or under crofts to new habitable living spaces.

How much will it cost to do Project A?

In most cases, a quotation is produced after the designs are drawn and then approved by the Certifier. The estimation process takes care of all the financial nuts and bolts, but do consider other factors, too. After all, good builders bring everything together to provide a good product, using the correct design, the appropriate materials, the use of suitable labour for the task at hand, and all in a reasonable time frame!

As a property owner, what are my obligations to a building contractor / company?

  • You need to give the builder evidence of your ownership of the property;
  • You need to provide evidence of your capacity to pay the contract price;
  • If you are contributing cash to the contract, a security account ensures the money is set aside for the contract; and
  • Where an existing property is worked on, you need to give the builder access to the site until the work is completed.

What is a ‘Contract Information Statement’?

This is a requirement of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000, which stipulates the basic contractual requirements of both parties. One should be included at the back of every construction contract.

Is there a ‘cooling off’ period?

Yes there is a 7 day cooling off period after the contract is signed.

I’ve got another question for you, Craig, so what should I do?

You are welcome to call me direct for a free no strings chat and I’ll do my best to help.