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Why You Should Consider Adding a Granny Flat to Your Backyard

May 3rd, 2017

‘What?’, you say. ‘My granny is nowhere near old enough for one of those!’

Well, the good news is that housing your gran (or any other elderly relative, for that matter) isn’t the only reason why you should consider building a granny flat or auxiliary dwelling in your back yard. From expanding your home to boosting your income, here are some of the best reasons to consider building one.

Make Money:

Although the granny flat will be legally classed as a part of your home, so you can’t sell it separately, there are no rules regarding taking on tenants to bring in some extra income.

A granny flat in your back yard is a particularly attractive rental opportunity; a back-yard dwelling rather than an apartment attached to the home, for example, offers more privacy for the occupier and allows them complete independence from your property. So, you’ll likely get more interest than for a spare room, for example.

Wind Down:

Another great reason to consider building a granny flat in your backyard is to give you a private, quiet space where you can enjoy all the things you love doing the most.

For example, you could kit it out as a cinema room, design a ‘man cave’ for all your boys’ toys, a studio for working on and proudly hanging your artwork, or a little workshop for getting crafty. The choice is yours!

Work from Home:

Working from home has never been more popular. Thanks to the internet, you can quit your regular job and find better opportunities selling your skills as a freelancer or even starting your own home business. Today, you could be a business owner within a matter of minutes!

But, to be productive you’ll probably need a nice office space where you can forget about all the distractions around your home. So, what better way to do this than building a granny flat? Especially if it’s in your back yard; it’ll be a totally separate office space and you’ll likely be more productive as a result.

Entertain Friends:

Do you find yourself wishing that you could have your friends over to stay more often? Perhaps your best friend only manages to visit occasionally, and you hate having to drop her off at a hotel for the night or put her up on the sofa.

Well, no more! A granny flat can be the perfect spare room for friends and family members coming to stay.

If you’re considering adding a Granny flat to your home, don’t settle for a prefabricated donga. A custom built granny flat can be designed and built to enhance the aesthetic of your existing dwelling, adding space, privacy and visual appeal to your home. For more information, contact Craig now on 07 3808 6149, or visit https://aaronbuilding.com.au/auxiliary-dwellings/ for more information.


Based in Springwood, and servicing Logan and surrounding suburbs, Aaron Building is a family-owned boutique building company that specialises in high quality building work including new builds, home renovations, and extensions. Our full turnkey approach to auxiliary dwelling, granny flats and duplex builds takes the stress out of building with full management from design to completion. For more information, please call 07 3808 6149.


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