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Case Studies

In 25 years’ of trading, Aaron Building has completed 200+ projects, including: single and double story extensions, units and duplexes; large-scale refurbishments and renovations; and, designing and building new properties. This being said, whilst every project is unique, the lion’s share of clients all share 2 common goals: creating more useable space; and, doing so at the absolute best ‘value for money’ price.

Improve your quality of life and reduce stress

You see, extending a home can transform the inside and outside living spaces, dramatically improving your quality of life. And, the cost of adding square-metreage is more cost-effective (and less stressful) than purchasing a larger residence.

After all, adding a single or double storey extension could create: an open-plan living room adjacent to your kitchen; a home gymnasium; extra bedrooms; a media room; a home office; or, even a separate self-contained living space ! This being said, extending your home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make – financially and personally.

We focus on getting the details right 

For this reason, we focus on getting the details right, advising and guiding our clients from start to finish. After all, it’s not just about building ‘more space’, it’s about creating the right home for you and your family. As such, we advise you things such as materials, space utilisation, structural issues, and minimising disruption; to provide the most flexible and cost-effective options for your particular lifestyle.

Creative and flexible approach

Our creative and flexible approach means we can often ‘think outside of the box’, so to speak, to improve your quality of life at the absolute best value prices. In 25+ years of trading, our core values have remained unchanged: ‘delivering the highest levels of craftsmanship at the most affordable prices’.

After 200+ successful projects, we’re proud to have an unblemished record of zero claims and zero dissatisfied customers, and dozens of customers providing positive testimonials. Much of this boils down to exceeding client expectations, from start to finish. The following project is just one example where we’ve have delivered creative design, superior craftsmanship and expert project management – and, done so at an affordable price!

View a case study about a recent extension we did for more information about the kind of projects we have undertaken.