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5 Awesome Reasons to Build a Custom Granny Flat

May 1st, 2017

In recent years, granny flats have become a booming property trend across Australia. With the ability to create a warm, cosy atmosphere to cuddle up in during the winter months, granny flats aren’t just for your grandma; they’re great for anyone! In case you need more convincing, we’ve listed some of the top reasons to build a custom granny flat at your home.

Home Office Space:

Do you work from home? Then, you will be able to utilise a custom-built granny flat as a home office. Granny Flats in Brisbane can be designed to fit all sorts of requirements; whether you need a small, cosy office for researching and shooting off emails, or want a large art studio to work in and display your artwork. If you regularly see clients at home, a granny flat is ideal as it provides a private, professional space for hosting them.

Space for Adult Children:

More and more adults are living at home with their parents – it’s cheaper, there’s usually always food on the table, and if you’re lucky, your mum might even do your washing. But, living at home as an adult has its downsides; less privacy is a common complaint. So, fix the issue with a granny flat that your child can use as their first ‘proper home’ without getting under each other’s feet.

Another advantage is that when your child finally does fly the coup, you have a rentable space to help pay off your mortgage or fund your retirement. Of course, charging your offspring rent while they are living at home will help too!

Hobby Space:

Do you enjoy arts and crafts, pottery, baking, or another creative type of hobby? Then, a granny flat could be the perfect space for you to spend time doing the things that you love. Whether you’re into woodwork, dressmaking, or putting together electronic goods, a granny flat will help you keep everything separate and tidy away from your personal living space.

Expand Your Home:

If your family is expanding and you’re in need of more space, building a custom granny flat can be an excellent alternative to renovation or relocating. A granny flat with one or two extra bedrooms can be used as part of your main home, with the benefit of being able to keep it separate if needed.

Property Investment:

Lastly, the best reason to build a custom granny flat at your home is it’s a great investment! It will add value to your home when you sell it, or you can rent the flat out to a lodger to bring in some extra income. Or, if you live in a tourist-dense area, your granny flat will make an awesome holiday apartment.

If you’re considering adding a Granny flat to your home, don’t settle for a prefabricated donga. A custom built granny flat can be designed and built to enhance the aesthetic of your existing dwelling, adding space, privacy and visual appeal to your home. For more information, contact Craig now on 07 3808 6149, or visit https://aaronbuilding.com.au/auxiliary-dwellings/ for more information.


Based in Springwood, and servicing Logan and surrounding suburbs, Aaron Building is a family-owned boutique building company that specialises in high quality building work including new builds, home renovations, and extensions. Our full turnkey approach to auxiliary dwelling, granny flats and duplex builds takes the stress out of building with full management from design to completion. For more information, please call 07 3808 6149.

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