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10 hints to ensure new homes, extensions and renovations are delivered on time, and on budget

January 14th, 2015

1. Successful building projects require Project Management:

To ensure the extension, renovation or new build is delivered on time and on budget, we recommend one person co-ordinates the work as a Project Manager (PM). All aspects of the construction work contribute to the quality and detail of the finished product, and using a PM helps supervise and co-ordinate the process. An experienced builder will be able to provide this extra level of project management.

2. Experience counts with Qualified Builders:

There is no substitute for hands-on experience in the building sector, so ensure your tradesperson has at least 10 years’ experience, after completing their apprenticeship. To validate their experience is genuine, ask for at least 2 or three references and/or copies of certifications.

3. Find the optimum balance of cost, quality and efficiency:

 One advantage of working with qualified, experienced tradespeople is their ability to provide the right solution for the specific occasion.   Sometimes, there are the right ways of doing things and the other ways of doing them! A good builder will be able to suggest options that provide a cost-effective solution, whilst maintaining quality and efficiency.

4. Avoid the risk of unsupervised tradespersons:

 It’s sometimes tempting to think building is just a case of hiring some tradespeople, and everything will fall naturally into place! The thing is, without supervision from a qualified builder, each person will do their own job on their own terms, without considering the domino effect on those around them. If, for example, your plumber doesn’t take the needs of the electrician into account, this can actually end up costing you more money in the long-term!

5. Choose the right products and materials:

The challenge for non-builders is it’s hard to determine the right products and materials for your particular situation. Alas, manufacturers often end up pushing their own wheelbarrow, so to speak. In using a qualified builder, you’re getting the advantage of their objective viewpoints about the most suitable products, materials and equipment.

6. Presentation of Final Certificate:

The Final Certificate from your Local Council is a critical stage in the building process, so keep this in mind when embarking on a building project. It can also be called Equity Insurance, recognising: (a) the work has been done in-line with an approved design; and, (b) has met all current legislation pertaining to construction of a domestic dwelling or habitation.

7. Job sequence and scheduling

To deliver building projects on-time and on-budget, certain tasks must precede others. This means, programming of the work is vital to avoid tradespeople conflicting with one another, or arriving on-site too soon (or too late!). This type of project management avoids delays, extra costs, and negatively impacting other sub-contractors.

8. A job worth doing is worth doing well!

The average building project uses dozens of different types of materials and labour. To get things ‘right first time’ takes technical skill and hands-on experience. An experienced builder will ensure all these components work effectively, together. This has to happen from the start, meaning a good design suitable to the site or existing property, built using good builders and tradespeople.

9. Finding the right builder is not just about ‘the quote’.

Of course, cost is an important part of the decision process. The estimation process takes care of all the financial nuts and bolts, but do consider other factors, too. After all, good builders bring everything together to provide a good product, using the correct design, the appropriate materials, the use of suitable labour for the task at hand, and all in a reasonable time frame!

10. The cheapest price isn’t always the cheapest!

It’s sometimes tempting to focus on the cost aspects of building related projects. This being said, the cheapest price isn’t always the best option! Before agreeing contract terms, ask yourself what a particular business is (or isn’t!) doing to make their offering so cheap.

For example:

  • Does their quote include all foreseeable activities?
  • Are they using sub-standard or lower quality materials?
  • Does a cheaper price mean they’re ‘cutting corners’?
  • Do they hire less experienced labour that is cheaper?
  • Do they not supervise their work?
  • Do they deliver on time?

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